Médée et Jason (1763)

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13 June 1763
End date: 
13 June 1763
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Production notes: 
French Premier. Opera Divertissement after act 2 of opera Ismene et Ismenias by Jean- Benjamin Borde. 1st ballet d'action on a French operatic stage. Choreography Vestris after Noverre's premier 4 months previously in Stuttgart, where Vestris danced the part of Jason. It is suggested he 'stole' Noverre's choreography and passed off as his own. Castings: Jason: Gaetan Vestris; Medea: Marie- Francoise Lyonnois; Creusa: Teresa Vestris; Jealousy: Marie Allard; Revenge: Marguerite- Angelique Peslin.
Media of production: 
Choreographic work (dance, ballet, mime etc)
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