Oresteia (1999)

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Start date: 
28 May 1999
End date: 
6 June 1999
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Inga Aesoph Actor Electra
James Aitken Lighting
Sam Anderson Actor Homer / Pylades
Lea Aprile Actor Sister / Alecto
Aaron Blakely Actor Paris / Thucydides
Linsey Bostwick Actor Sister / Ashtart
Gavin Campbell Actor Aegisthus' brother
Kelly Conway Actor Apollo
Elaine Curtis Actor Iphigenia
Amy Decker Actor Helen / Athena
Jude Domski Director
J. R. Drew Actor Aegisthus
Conor Duffy Actor Watchman
Kimberley Gill Costume Designer
Sue Guthrie Actor Clytemnestra
Thea Lester Actor Photojournalist / Scout / Tisiphone
David Evans Morris Set Designer
Scott Morse Actor Aegisthus' brother
Jennifer Netz Actor Split / Megaera
Tikka Sears Actor Cassandra
Judah Stevenson Actor Orestes
J. Spencer Thorson Actor Herodotus
Aaron Wagner Actor Hesiod
Mark Waldstein Actor Agamemnon
Venue Festival Dates Notes
University of Washington (Seattle, Washington, United States) 27 May, 1999 to 5 June, 1999 in the Playhouse Theatre

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