Medea in Atene (1688)

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Start date: 
1 February 1688
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Distant relative
Media of production: 
Opera, musical and related genres
Orchestral and incidental music
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Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Medea Seneca
Medea Euripides
Person Role Notes
Vicentino Antonini Singer Androgeno
Aurelio Aureli (fl.1652-1708) Librettist
Aurenti Singer Nettuno, in the Prologue
Crause Singer Pluto, in the Prologue
Giacoma Singer Etra, in the Prologue
Antonio Giannettini (1648-1721) Composer
Giuliano Giuliani Singer Medo
Jonatan Kellner Singer Egeo
Johanne Kellnerin Singer Cibele, in the Prologue
Paulina Kellnerin Singer Medea
Elisabeth Kellnerin Singer Ippolita
Paul Kelner Actor Cadavere di Procuste che non parla
Oesterreich Singer Teseo & Giove, in the Prologue

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