Ifigenia in Aulide (1799)

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Start date: 
1 January 1799
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Distant relative
Production notes: 
This work is described as a dramma per musica.
Media of production: 
Opera, musical and related genres
Ancient works:

Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Iphigenia at Aulis Euripides
Person Role Notes
Angelica Catalani (1780-1849) Singer Ifigenia
Marco Cincarelli AKA Marchesino Costumographer
Gregorio Coppini Singer Arcade
Salvatore de Lorenzi Singer Agamennone
Teresa de Villa Singer Elissena
Serafino Fei Singer Ulisse
Francesco Loreti Machinist
Andrea Mainoni Musician first violin for ballets
Giuseppe Marchesi Scenographer
Giuseppe Mosca (1772-1839) Composer
Giacomo Onorati Choreographer - Ballet
Filippo Sassaroli Singer Achille
Luigi Tasca Scenographer
Apostolo Zeno (1668-1750) Librettist

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