Heraklis Chalkiopoulos

Contributions made by this person

Production Role Notes First performed Venues Companies
Ploutos (1904) Actor Chremylos 1904 Vasiliko Theatro, Royal Theatre (Athens, Attica, Greece) Vasiliko Theatro, Athens [Royal Theatre]
Oidipous Tyrannos (1911 - 1921) Actor Teiresias, in 1911 and in Constantinople in 1921 1911 Demotiko Theatro, Municipal Theatre (Vólos, Thessaly, Greece), Theatro Sporting Club (İzmir, İzmir, Turkey), Vasiliko Theatro, Royal Theatre (Athens, Attica, Greece), Demotiko Theatro, Municipal Theatre (Athens, Attica, Greece), Theatro Kentrikon, Central Theatre (Athens, Attica, Greece), Theatro Dionysia (Athens, Attica, Greece), Theatro Variété (Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey), Theatro Smyrnis (İzmir, İzmir, Turkey) Company of Rosalia Nika & Edmund Fyrst