13th European Festival of Latin and Greek: Iliad Book 6

Friday, March 22, 2019 - 9:00am
Outreach Room, Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles', Oxford

a mass public reading

An international mass public reading from Iliad Book 6 as part of the 13th European Festival of Latin and Greek: on 22nd March, the APGRD hosted a public reading of Iliad book VI as part of the European Festival of Latin and Greek, based in France. Students and faculty from across the University performed their own original translations at 10am Paris time, in tandem with hundreds of other groups across the globe.

Event Recording

The readings were all broadcast on the Festival's YouTube channel, alternatively you can watch the APGRD's contribution on our own YouTube channel.

Participants: Melinda Letts; Olivia Thompson; Nicole Man; Marchella Ward; Lucy Serocold; Felix Clive; Xavier Buxton; Alex Swanson; Emily Clifford; Martina Astrid Rodda; and Rhiannon Easterbrook.


You are invited to attend part of the biggest mass reading of the Iliad ever organised, which will see groups from over 20 countries from across the world perform original translations of the Iliad, in over 40 languages, all at the same time. The readings will be recorded, collated and broadcast by the European Festival of Latin and Greek, based in France. As our contribution to this exciting venture, we have been working on a sequence of original, collaborative translations of Book 6, and these will be recited at a public reading on 22nd March at 9am. It would be great to have as large an audience as possible as we connect and synchronise with other groups across Europe and the world.

The reading will be held in the Outreach Room in the Faculty of Classics, Oxford: entry is free and all are welcome.
Please arrive by 8.50 in time for a prompt 9am start (so that we can stay in sync with the other groups across the globe). 
Tea and coffee will be available after the reading.

More information on the Festival, including a map of the various contributors can be found on the organisers' website.