Medea (2000-2003)

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2000 to 2003
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Item Format Content Date Associated ancient works
A contemporary, human scale for larger-than-life characters Print-out article 2003 Medea, Elektra
A Medea fit for the world of today Print-out review 2002 Medea
A monstrous killer witch no longer Review 2001 Medea
Advertisement - Fiona Shaw in Medea Newspaper cutting advertisement 2001 Medea
At home with Medea Interview 2001 Medea
Athenian female fury Review 2001 Medea
Battered but unbowed, cast triumph over a Greek tragedy Review 2001 Medea
Bleak tragedy Review 2001 Medea
Cruelty through time Review 2001 Medea
Culture vulture: last week's openings Review 2001 Medea
Euripides goes to Brookside as Warner and Shaw bring out the worst in each other Review 2001 Medea
Euripides robbed of poetry and sense of decorum Review 2001 Medea
Evening Standard article on Fiona Shaw Newspaper cutting newspaper article 2000 Medea
Fatal attraction: in bed with Medea Interview 2001 Medea
Fiona Shaw - Medea by Euripides Advertisement 2001 Medea
Fiona Shaw's magnificent Medea Flyer 2001 Medea
Flyer: 'Fiona Shaw's Magnificent Medea Unforgettable' Flyer flyer Medea
Forward to the past Interview 2000 Medea
How do you solve a problem like Medea? Interview 2001 Medea
Irish Times article - 'Medea' bows out on a Parisian high Photocopy newspaper article 2003 Medea
Labour of laughter Review 2001 Medea
Medea Programme 2000 Medea, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone, Trojan Women
Medea Ticket 2002 Medea
Medea by Euripides Advertisement 2001 Medea
Medea review Review 2000 Medea
Medea, by Euripides Ticket 2000 Medea
Medea, witch and woman, takes Paris and London Photocopy review 2001 Medea
Men, women, sex and power Interview 2000 Medea
Mother knows best Newspaper cutting review 2001 Medea
Murder - it's just child's play Review 2001 Medea
Newspaper Article on Director - The Observer (2001) Newspaper newspaper article 2001 Medea
Newspaper Interview with Fiona Shaw - The Daily Telegraph (2001) Newspaper newspaper interview 2001 Medea
Newspaper Review - Mirror Newspaper cutting newspaper review 2001 Medea
Opening ths week: Medea Review 2001 Medea
Picks of the week: Medea Listing 2001 Medea
Planer joins Sir Peter to present our awards Newspaper cutting article 2001 Medea, Bacchai
Playbill: Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Vol.118.12 (December 2002) Programme 2002 Medea
Poor Sam Marlow … Review 2001 Medea
Problems in excusing Medea's murders Article 2000 Medea
Queen's: Medea Ticket 2001 Medea
Queens Theatre programme - Medea Programme programme 2001 Medea
Reviews: Medea, Queen's Theatre, London Review 2001 Medea
Sex, violence and the slaughter of innocents Review 2001 Medea
Shaw thing Review 2001 Medea
She's clever, she's funny. But she's not great with kids Review 2000 Medea
Sympathy for the devil Interview 2001 Medea
Terror, anger and rage in abundance Review 2000 Medea
The Abbey Theatre Brochure photograph Medea, Iphigenia at Aulis
The Abbey Theatre production of Medea … Review 2001 Medea
The mother of all tragedies Interview 2001 Medea

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