Bacchae (1935) [5505]

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Item Format Content Date Associated ancient works
Bacchantes rehearse Photocopy article 1935 Bacchai
Excellence of acting in Bacchae is praised Photocopy review 1935 Bacchai
Grecian maidens cavort on Bryn Mawr campus Photocopy image 1935 Bacchai
Madame Sikelianos tells plans for play Photocopy newspaper article 1935 Bacchai
Renowned actress favors Greek play Photocopy newspaper article 1935 Bacchai, Medea
The Bacchae of Euripides Photocopy programme 1935 Bacchai
[Bacchae] Photocopy image 1935 Bacchai
[The Messenger in Bacchae] Photocopy image 1935 Bacchai

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