The Chorus in Contemporary Performance: A podcast with Estelle Baudou and Struan Leslie

This edition of Staging the Archive was recorded in June 2020, bringing together Dr Estelle Baudou (Marie-Curie Research Fellow at the APGRD; actor and dramaturg) and Struan Leslie (movement director and choreographer; founding Head of Movement at the RSC 2008-2013). Estelle and Struan begin with a photograph from last year's danced chorus workshop to discuss their professional and personal understandings of the changing role of the Chorus. 

You can read more about the workshop, run by the APGRD, DANSOX, c-DARE (University of Coventry) and the Oxford University Classical Drama Society here >

Listen and download here:

Speakers: Estelle Baudou and Struan Leslie. Introduced by: Giovanna Di Martino

Production: Giovanna Di Martino and Claire Barnes

Photo credit: Struan Leslie 2019