Medea: A Mirror for the 21st Century | A podcast with Avery Willis Hoffman, Fran Amewudah, and Shivaike Shah

This edition of Staging the Archive was recorded in August 2020, in which Shivaike Shah and Fran Amewudah discuss their latest TORCH-funded project - reinventing and reimagining their successful 2018 student production of Medea with an all-BAME cast. They are interviewed by Avery Willis Hoffman (Program Director - Park Avenue Armory), who produced a student Medea in 2002.

You can find out more about Shivaike and Fran's production - and where the project hopes to go - on the TORCH website.

Listen and download here:

Speakers: Avery Willis Hoffman, Fran Amewudah, Shivaike Shah

Introduced by: Giovanna Di Martino

Production: Giovanna Di Martino and Claire Barnes