The APGRD runs a number of innovative programmes ranging from promoting new writing and performances (The Onassis Programme for the Performance of Ancient Greek Drama), training students in communicating their research to a wider public (the AHRC-funded programme, 'Communicating Ancient Greece and Rome'), investigating the performance of epic from antiquity to the modern day, and recording oral histories with those involved in the performance of ancient plays from the Second World War onwards, in schools and universities and in the professional theatre.

APGRD Programmes

Ars Longa Prize 2015:  Arthur Miller and the Greeks

The Judges for the 2015 Ars Longa Prize have decided against awarding a prize this year. Although the essays were lively and interesting, none was considered quite to deserve the prize.

Essays were invited on the theme of ‘Arthur Miller and the Greeks’. 
The idea for this prize came from Professor Richard Rose and the funds from the Ars Longa Trust.

Ars Longa Prize 2014

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Ars Longa Prize (2014), for an Essay on the theme of the operas of Richard Strauss and Greek tragedy:

First Prize (£250): Lissa Crofton-Sleigh, 'Helen with the Blue Dress on: Strauss' Die Ägyptische Helena' There was no second prize awarded this year. The Judges this year were: Raymond Holden (Royal Academy of Music), Fiona Macintosh (Oxford), Michael Silk (KCL).  

We wish to register our deep condolences to the family of Michael Kennedy, who had very kindly agreed to act as a judge shortly before he died at the end of 2014. We are enormously grateful to Raymond Holden for agreeing at short notice to act as the third judge.

Ars Longa Prize 2013

The winning entries for the Ars Longa Prize 2013, marking the bi-centenary of Wagner's birth on the theme of the operas of Wagner and Greek tragedy, are available to read here:

First Prize (£250): Michael Silk, Ingo Gildenhard and Rosemary Barrow, 'Wagner and the Classical Tradition: Ideas and Action'

Second Prize (£100): Richard Seaford, 'Form and Money in Wagner's Ring and Greek Tragedy'

Supported programmes

In addition to its own programmes, the APGRD also supports projects at TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre for Humanities)

Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers:

Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers is a collaborative practice-based study carried out by the APGRD in conjunction with the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (ISCA), and funded by TORCH under the support scheme for interdisciplinary research networks. It will be running a series of workshops involving professionally-trained dancers, investigating how they process selected stimulus materials en route to creating a 'reconstructive' performance of the Roman dance form tragoedia saltata. It is not the final performance itself that is of interest so much as the cognitive responses of the participants. In this way, they hope to develop ways of articulating the knowledge derived from kinaesthetic engagement with ancient material.

Chorus in Action:

This interdisciplinary research initiative brings together theatre practitioners, theatre historians and scholars of ancient Greek and Roman theatre in order to explore and forge new ways of staging the ancient chorus in theatre today. A parallel objective is to broaden scholarly conceptions of the dramatic potentials of the chorus both as an historical component the drama of Graeco-Roman antiquity and as a contemporary dramatic tool. This collaborative network seeks to build on previous interconnections between the academy and the theatre by bringing together groups of academics and practitioners over a sustained period of time.