Tristan Bates Theatre (London, Greater London, England)

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Format: 2024
Format: 2024
Production First performedsort descending Companies Ancient works performed
Iphigenia in Tauris (1995) 1995 Iphigenia among the Taurians
The Andromeda (1996) 1996 Chloë Productions, London Andromeda [fragments]
Chief Swollen Foot (1997) 1997 K&B Productions Oedipus the King
Trachiniai (1997) 1997 Chloë Productions, London Trachiniai (The Women of Trachis)
Dyskolos (1997) 1997 Chloë Productions, London Dyskolos (The Bad-Tempered Man)
Oedipus Retold (2014) 2014 Jane Nightwork Productions Oedipus the King
Phaedra I— (2019) 2019 Persona Theater Company Hippolytos, Phaedra

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