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Page 21, column A, B: 'Greek Dreams, with Flute' by Erick Hawkins' dance company in the Delacorte Dance Festival (1975) in a review by Zita Allen with descriptive details about the performance (i.e. 'Nymphs', 'comic satyrs', 'tails of glossy hair') / Page 34, last paragraph (review by Jennifer Dunning): Hannah Kahn's 'Wiles' in the Dance Uptown (Festivals) in 1975 ('a dance for pert nymphs' :unspecified if the 'nymphs' is a comment of the reviewer or a direct allusion to specific artistic intentions, such as costumes and choreography) / Page 89, 8th paragraph: Ballet 'Jupiter' by Ronn Guidi of the Oakland Ballet (San Francisco, 1975) ['set to the music of Mozart': maybe the title implies a connection to the Symphony No. 41 in C major or otherwise Jupiter Symphony (nicknamed) of Mozart, not to a clear 'classical reception') / Page 102, column A and B (end A- begin B): One more dance production called 'Catulli Carmina' by Renato Magalhâes in Brazil, inspired by the classical roman lyric poetry of Cat

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