Ifigenia in Tauride (1764)

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5 November 1764
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Distant relative
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Opera, musical and related genres
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Script Author(s)
Person Role Notes
François André Bouqueton Stage Combat, Duels, Fencing (master, director, choreographer of) [lotte]
Pietro Paolo Carnoli Singer Merodate
Giovanni Battista Coraucci Singer Pilade
Gian Francesco de Majo (1732-1770) Composer
Agostino Egel Scenographer
Lorenzo Quaglio (1730-1805) Scenographer
Lorenzo Tonarelli (fl.1747-1771) Singer Oreste, sopano castrato
Mattia Verazi (c.1730-1794) Librettist
Dorothea Wendling (1736-1811) Singer Ifigenia, soprano
Elisabeth Wendling née Sarseli (1746-1786) Singer Tomiri, soprano?
Giovanni Battista Zonca (1728-1809) Singer Toante, bass

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