Detail from Gilbert Murray's English-Greek typewriter © President and Fellows of St John’s College, Oxford


Staging the Archive Blog

Our blog posts are authored by members of the APGRD Team as well as guest researchers and theatre practitioners. Find out more about our work, events, and the stories behind objects unearthed from the archive.

Latest on the blog
Medea: A Mirror for the 21st Century

In a piece accompanying the APGRD podcast, Oxford alumni Shivaike Shah and Fran Amewudah reflect on their 2018 all-BAME production of Euripides' Medea and subsequent TORCH/APGRD project (primary investigator: Professor Fiona Macintosh; partnering with Dr Rosa Andújar (KCL) and Dr Avery Willis Hoffman). Read more >

The Archive in 100 Objects

We're building a series exploring our 'Archive in 100 Objects', where researchers explore the larger stories told by single objects in our archive. Access the posts down the left hand side of the page, or click on an item below to find out more.