Box 1: Delicate scripts, basement

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Item Format Content Date Associated ancient works
Aeschylus: The Persians Book translation 1939 Persai (Persians)
Captivi Book 1880
Creusa, queen of Athens: a tragedy Book playtext 1797 Ion
Die Gastfreund, Der; Argonauten Playtext 1981
Essai sur le Structure Dramatique des Comédies de Plaute Book 1930
Euripides: Medea, mit Scholien Book 1911
Plautus Menæchmi Book translation
Q. Varerii Catulli: Carmina Book 1861
Scenes from the Rudens of Plautus: selected, translated and enacted by the Classical Society of the University of Manchester Book translation 1926 Rudens (The Rope)
Sophocles' King Oedipus Book script 1928
Sophocles: The Seven Plays in English Verse Book translation 1906
Supplementum Euripideum Book 1913
The Adelphi of Terence, As acted by the King's Scholars of Westminster School Book 1928 Adelphoe (The Brothers)
The Ajax of Sophocles: As represented at Cambridge ... with an English Translation Book 1882 Aias (Ajax)
The Dancing Times: July 1926 Journal 1926
The Dancing Times: July 1935 Journal 1935
The Dancing Times: July 1936 Journal 1936
The Epigrams of Callimachos Pamphlet 1925
The Eumenides of Aeschylus, as Arranged for Performance at Cambridge, December 1885 Book translation 1885 Eumenides
The Phormio of Terence, as Acted by the King's Scholars of Westminster School Book 1929 Phormio
The Rudens of Plautus As Acted by the King's Scholars of Westminster School, with a Translation Book 1934 Rudens (The Rope)
Wiederholungs- und Motivtechnik bei Aeschylus Book 1946

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