The Clouds (1990) [3153]

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Item Format Content Date Associated ancient works
Aristophanes' The Clouds Flyer 1990 Clouds
Aristophanes' The Clouds and Beyond Belief, a musical cabaret Programme 1990 Clouds
Flyer for The Clouds Flyer flyer 1990 Clouds
Goings on about town Photocopy review 1990 Clouds
Nothing small about these shows Photocopy review 1990 Clouds
The Aquila Theatre Company: the company Print-out website Agamemnon, Aias (Ajax), Oedipus the King, Wasps, Clouds, Frogs, Philoktetes, Birds
The Clouds Newspaper cutting review 1990 Clouds
The Clouds Programme 1990 Clouds
The present production Photocopy review 1990 Clouds

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